Professional Sound Mastery

Deceptive Meter

"In any musician’s life, reaching a plateau is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you’ve improved from your previous state of musicianship. On the other, you might find yourself looking out in all directions and asking, “Where do I start?” This listlessness is totally normal, especially if you’re constantly trying new things. Part of my practice routine is what I call “Moving forward to move backwards.” What I do is try to find something modern and break it down into its constituent parts, which usually involves quite a bit of music history and world music study. The search is endless!..."

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On Time, Tempo, Metric Modulation, and Polyrhythm

On the subject of all things rhythm, I discovered something in practice the other day. What I discovered was not necessarily new, but what it did was instantly create an exercise which I think, with time, will greatly improve any player’s sense of timing, rhythm, polyrhythm, ability to metrically modulate, and hear tempos that would otherwise be entirely unrelated...

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