Cornelius Lee and New Recordings

Welcome! If you aren't acquainted with my work yet, please check out the "Music" tab. 

I am currently working on a solo instrumental project called "Cornelius Lee." 

You'll also find a new recording of "Floral Extensions," which is an older tune I wrote some new parts for. 

Thank you for visiting! 

Dissipative Structures I & II at the Timucua White House

On July 23rd, 2017, (Chamber Orchestra) took on the task of performing two pieces from my suite entitled "Dissipative Structures." Below is the performance in its entirety. 


Christopher Belt

Violin I

Caitlin Pequignot

Violin II

Charles Glazer


Elizabeth Chaconas


Jean-Marie Glazer

Bass (electric)

Brandon Miller


Carrie Wiesinger


Beatriz Ramirez-Belt


Natalie Grata

Electric Guitar

Luis Guerrero


Gerald Law II


Elizabeth A. Baker

“The Nobel prize-winning chemist Ilya Prigogine calls physical systems that harness energy which otherwise would be dispersed and lost in random motion 'dissipative structures…'

"[T]he psyche… operates according to similar principles. The integrity of the self depends on the ability to take neutral or destructive events and turn them into positive ones.”
-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


2016 already?!
Well, it seems that way.

Please check out the Accidental Music Festival website. We finished up the Inaugural Marathon AMF at the Timucua Arts White House in Orlando, Florida, Orlando's first-ever "new works" music festival featuring over 12 ensembles/performers this past Saturday. My YouTube channel features several videos of different performers, including Ensemble AMF performing Mary Jane Leach's "Lake Eden," an open-instrumentation composition that does not sound the same twice (we received Mary Jane Leach's approval to perform the composition more frequently[!]). 

Some of my favorite ensembles from the evening included (and are not limited to):

  • Lush Agave (Alisha Erao)
  • Helena (an all-women's choir performing new works)
  • Continuum String Quartet (featuring members of the Tanner Johnson Quartet as well as the Orlando Philharmonic)
  • Natalie Grata and Chris Erickson (who absolutely brought life to Charles Griffin's "for the straight way was lost")
  • Belt & Ramirez (Chris Belt and Beatriz Ramirez of Ensemble AMF)

    And many more, of course. 

Also to note is a huge step forward with Flat Land, as we embark into the final weeks of mixing and mastering our first album. While I was not on this particular record, my relative expertise will go into the final steps. Do check out Nate Garland who performed on the record. His bass is tasty, punchy, and funky. Glad to be filling his big shoes. 

On the horizon is a project with local musician, producer, and composer (Taylor) Dane Myers and Wholehearted Productions that I will announce in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for visiting the website and keep supporting live music! 


Hello everyone and thanks for coming to the page. I have to apologize for the long intervals between posts. 2015 was a great year with nearly 300 gigs to talk about. Some of the highlights were Spamalot at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and beginning to play with three new groups: Ism, A T H O U S A N D W O L V E S, and Flat Land

The exciting thing about joining Gainseville's Flat Land has been not only the incredible people and musicianship, but also the chance this year to play the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival alongside such huge acts as Robert Plant, Hall and Oates, Kendrick Lamar (a personal favorite), Skrillex, and Mumford and Sons to name a few. We play Sunday, March 6th at 12pm. 

Last year also marked a huge step forward artistically as I joined the Accidental Music Festival in Orlando's "Ensemble AMF." I am joined by masters (and doctors) Chris Belt and Beatriz Ramirez-Belt, Thad Anderson, Jamila Tekali, and more. I plan this year to unveil new works with this ensemble and my own which has been in the making for some five-plus years, Yen-Yaw. 

Stay tuned for more information and more recordings! 

Les Misérables at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Hello all! It's been a while since I've been able to update.

Been performing with Jamie Davis, working on live versions of his High Weeds and Rust album (believe it or not, I'm playing Country music!).

Ancient Sun is well into our way of the 12-song album titled "In The Fold." Jason Zane and I have finished tracking drums and bass as of this last week. Thanks to all that donated to the Kickstarter. It was a huge help. 

This next month (September 2014) holds a big project, Les Misérables at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. With over thirty performances, it would be a shame if anyone missed this production. Although, tickets are selling fast. Get on it. 

On the horizon for the end of the year is working on music for The Accidental Music Festival in Orlando, Florida. This will comprise of both contemporary (avant garde) and some improvisatory (semi-jazz) pieces. Stay tuned. 

Also, check out my blog if you have not already. Another post is in the works regard practicing those "difficult" time signatures and how to assimilate different rhythmic information.