Les Misérables at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Hello all! It's been a while since I've been able to update.

Been performing with Jamie Davis, working on live versions of his High Weeds and Rust album (believe it or not, I'm playing Country music!).

Ancient Sun is well into our way of the 12-song album titled "In The Fold." Jason Zane and I have finished tracking drums and bass as of this last week. Thanks to all that donated to the Kickstarter. It was a huge help. 

This next month (September 2014) holds a big project, Les Misérables at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. With over thirty performances, it would be a shame if anyone missed this production. Although, tickets are selling fast. Get on it. 

On the horizon for the end of the year is working on music for The Accidental Music Festival in Orlando, Florida. This will comprise of both contemporary (avant garde) and some improvisatory (semi-jazz) pieces. Stay tuned. 

Also, check out my blog if you have not already. Another post is in the works regard practicing those "difficult" time signatures and how to assimilate different rhythmic information.